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  • CUGES 2020

    CUGES 2020 took place January 25th, 2020. It was a great event full of networking and learning. With 2 amazing speakers and panelists, great booths and even better guests. You can read all about CUGES 2020 and see highlight photos on our CUGES 2020 page.

  • Grilled SREEs Fall 2019

    The last Grilled SREEs before the pandemic hit took place on November 14th, 2019. It was a huge success and we can’t wait until we can go back to hosting this iconic event!

  • SREET n’ Greet

    The SREEt n’ Greet is the first event of the year! This is where first years are introduced to the society, you can meet all the upper years and executives. Learn how to get involved while having fun playing some outdoor games and eating some yummy treats. Here’s the Facebook events page to learn more…

  • Annual General Meeting

    Our Annual General Meeting is where you can learn about everything we as a society completed that school year. the 2019 AGM took place on April 4th 2019. Checkout the Facebook events page!

  • Grilled SREES 2019

    Its that time of year again!! Grilled SREEs Winter 2019 took place on March 15th 2019. See the Facebook Events page for all the info.

  • Sustainability Net Night

    Our annual Networking night with industry professionals took place on March 4th 2019. See the facebook event page for all the details!

  • Ready for Grilled SREES 2018?

    Ready for Grilled SREES 2018?

    WHO IS READY FOR GRILLED SREES?!? Come to Minto from 11:30 am -3:00pm next Monday and get 1 for $2.00 SREE for $5.00!! This year, whoever buys the most grilled cheeses will get an all you can eat next semester! Yeah you heard that right!!! ALL YOU CAN EAT GRILLED CHEESE! Facebook event link here:…

  • Gordon RamSREE

    Gordon RamSREE

    Finish off all you can eat week with a bang and compete in Gordon RamSREE’s amazing new cooking competition! Competitors will create their best gourmet meals in this residence-style cooking competition. When ingredients and cooking supplies are limited, only the most creative chefs will be able to make something to delight the judges. Cost =…

  • Grilled SREEs anyone?

    Grilled SREEs anyone?

    Come get your Grilled SREES in Minto Foyer on Wednesday, November 8th, starting at 11 am! ONE for $2, TWO for $3, SREE for $5 We will also be taking pre-orders for our brand-new GRILLED SREES patch. It will be available for $3. Facebook event link here:  

  • SREE-t & Greet

    SREE Society executives will be gathering at Brewer Park for some sports, games, and just generally hanging out at 6pm on Monday September 25th. Come on out and get to meet our executive team and learn about what our society does. Backup for bad weather will be board games on campus.