Our 2023 – 2024 Council


President – Sebastian Vives

Sebastian is a fourth-year Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering student in the mechanical stream. As President, he is responsible for leading the society and working with SREE executives to plan events for the SREE student body. He hopes to increase interest in the Carleton SREE program throughout the year.

VP Internal – Chris Uttley

Chris is a third-year SREE-A student. As VP-Internal he is responsible for disseminating information regarding SREESoc business to its members and to ensure the smooth inner functioning of SREESoc. His goal is to ensure SREE students have their voices heard and feel welcome in Carleton’s Engineering program. Additionally he hopes to spread awareness about our program in hopes to improve entry numbers for future years.

VP External – Kieran Graham

Kieran has not sent a bio to the website designer yet… (come on Kieran, you broke the chain!)

VP Academic – Alexandria MacDonald

Alex is a 4th year SREE A student. As VP Academic she is responsible for handling all sorts of academic concerns and running academic events such as study night, where upper years and friends can help with classes while enjoying snacks! Her goal this year is to improve student experience in the SREE program, and encourage more people to become involved. SREESoc Best Soc!

VP Social – Maria Mckiel

Would you look at that, Maria hasn’t sent one either…

VP Finance – Luke Tam

After awhile, one does wonder if ignoring discord messages asking for a bio is a skill…

VP Services – Emily Knobel

… I sent you a dm about this, Knobel…

Year Representatives

4th Year Rep – David Lefebvre

David is a fourth year SREE B student at Carleton this year. He likes any kind of activity outside, loves movies, and is often fascinated with frogs and rats wearing wizard hats. He is 4th year rep this year which means his roles are to represent fellow 4th years SREE students across Carleton. He hopes to participate in another great year of SREESoc and be the person any 4th year SREE student can talk to if they have any ideas or suggestions.

2nd Year Rep – Mohammed Abusalih

… here ends the chain, again… Wait… Does it even count as a chain if we only had one?

1st Year Rep – Pine Kearns


1st Year Rep – Matthew Beaton

Matthew is a first-year SREE-A student. As first-year representative, he is responsible for bridging the communication between first years and the executives. He is also thrilled to help plan future SREE events!